Acrylic Finishes by Variance



The Variance® line of acrylic polymer based plaster wall finishes can produce a range of looks, from Venetian plaster to styles that go beyond faux paint.

If you are concerned about paint quality the high performance technology of our integrally colored finishes will provide you with a surface that is durable and easily cleaned. Our finishes are chip and crack resistant and may be repaired if damaged.

Variance has taken the proven high performance technology of integrally colored acrylic finishes and adapted it to produce beautiful natural plaster effects. Endless color and texture possibilities are made available for the interior and exterior of new or existing structures.

Varriance Sample 3 - Indoor / Color
image courtesy of Variance Finishes

With the Variance color labs ability to match virtually any color, the limitations which are typical to most plasters are done away with. Using our computerized color matching system our experienced staff of color experts will work to find the exact color that is desired.

Variance is very durable and easily cleaned. It is chip and crack resistant and may be repaired if damaged. The vapor permeable nature of Variance® will not trap moisture in the substrate, allowing it to breathe.

Variance Sample 2 - Texture / Indoor
image courtesy of Variance Finishing

Our simple line of products have been designed to span the whole range of plaster finishes from pristine, high polish plaster to textured, distressed finishes. With unlimited texture and color there is certain to be a combination that is right for your needs.

Variance can be applied to typically prepared drywall, there is no need for specialized wallboard or drywall finishing techniques which can drive up the cost of applied finishes. The application techniques that have been developed by skilled Variance craftsmen have been designed to keep labor down and more affordable than other plaster finishes.

Variance Sample 1 - Performance / Outdoor
image courtesy of Variance Finishing

The 100% acrylic composition of Variance makes it one of the most versatile product lines on the market. Variance finishes may be used on:

  • New drywall construction
  • Existing textured and painted surfaces
  • Gypsum based interior base coats
  • Cement based exterior base coats
  • EIFS substrates
  • High moisture areas

For more information visit the Variance website.