Eco-Tite Bonding Agent

Your environmentally friendly alternative to traditional solvent based adhesives.

Eco-Tite (Magnesium Oxide Slurry) is a low cost, environmentally friendly, zero VOC bonding agent specially formulated to promote superior adhesion in many single ply and modified bitumen roofing applications.

It offers extremely high wind resistance (ideal for hurricane prone areas), high compression strength, innate fire resistant properties and can be easily applied with a roller or sprayer. Best of all, Eco-Tite is water based affording easy clean up with just soap and water.

Eco-Tite can be easily mixed right at your job site and may be used with lightweight insulated concrete, Tectum and gypsum decks. Additionally, it is compatible with numerous insulating materials including polyisocyanurate, expanded polystyrene and extruded polystyrene. It is environmentally friendly and emits no fumes so tenants and workers experience no adverse exposure. Eco-Tite A formulation is partially formulated with recycled materials and can be disposed of in traditional landfills.

CRRC and Energy Star ratings are available in addition to LEED points in some applications. Eco-Tite is California Building Code Title 24 compliant.


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