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Hunter Panels, a polyisocyanurate insulation manufacturer, recognizes the importance of reducing their environmental impact to our planet. Hunter Panels continually strives to promote the use of sustainable building solutions with the products and services that they offer, while improving their competitive advantage, marketplace growth, and duty as citizens of the planet.

Areas of focus include: Innovative Sustainable Product Design and Offerings, Promote Sustainable Manufacturing Practices using natural resources, Encourage and engage Employee Responsibility, and Build Community Outreach and Global Alliances.

Hunter Panels is always implementing new solutions while improving our product offerings, work environment and environmental impact to our planet.

Ozone FriendlyZero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
All Hunter products manufactured in the last decade are CFC and HCFC-free. In the case of extruded polystyrene, availability may continue until 2010. The Owner, Consultant, Architect, and Contractor have a choice between stratospheric ozone depletion and its protection.

Zero Global Warming Potential (GWP)
The global warming potential of Hunter products is negligible and considered zero by the U.S. EPA.

Waste Reduction
Waste produced during the manufacturing process of H-Shield can be diverted from the waste stream by using it in packaging and in the manufacture of other Hunter insulation products.

RecycledRecycled Content
Hunter H-Shield polyisocyanurate roof insulation, either with Hunter labels or on a private label basis has recovered or recycled content of the foam core of 9% minimum. The recovered/recycled content of the H-Shield insulation’s core stems solely from the polyol component of the formulation. The polyol component, along with the isocyanurate and blowing agents, are the major ingredients of the foam core. Additionally, the facer contains 75% recycled cellulose.

▼ Hunter Recycled Content Chart (PDF)

Here is a video blog we found showing Hunter products in action

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