She could have meant anything

Johnson said during the analyst call that the new high end Starbucks Roastery in Shanghai is now “the highest grossing Starbucks store in the world.”Some analysts think investors should be giving Starbucks more credit for its strength in China, South Korea and other international markets and worry less about the slowdown in America.”Momentum continues despite recent hiccups, and we think huge upside potential remains for Starbucks globally,” Wells Fargo Securities analyst Bonnie Herzog wrote in a report Thursday.But many investors clearly seem nervous about the trouble Starbucks is having in its home market. Growth. nike dunk He added he’s keeping his “buy” rating on Starbucks for now, but “we hold our noses at yet another bitter quarterly same store sales brew.”Related: Schultz says he’s ’emotionally prepared’ to let go at StarbucksThere’s much to like about Starbucks’ domestic strategy.

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