Use the Ceiling Some campers have brackets build into the

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cheap jordan sneakers Far too often, if a film wants to build suspense, they will stick the female role in a rape scenario. Yes, rape is awful. And thus, to use it as a superfluous plot device to build suspense, you cheapen and desensitize the act. Use the Ceiling Some campers have brackets build into the ceiling; you can use these to secure shelves, but do not store fragile items there that might be damaged if they fall while the vehicle is in motion. You can also secure long, slender items think trekking poles, skis, fishing poles or a camera tripod to the ceiling using brackets, or by running several cables or a mesh panel from one side of the camper to the other, just below the ceiling. You can then tuck your items securely between the cables cheap jordans size 14 and ceiling, and retrieve them easily at need cheap jordan sneakers.

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